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AHAVA  Services - Management & Administrative support

Again: one-stop-one-woman.
Ina has a vast experience with different levels of management.
She dealt with small and large teams, management of change as
an interim-manager, as well as with long-term leadership
while continuously improving performance on all levels of service.

Although not a native English speaker, Ina’s English is fluent and well above average. Because of her studies and training in (higher) management and leadership as well as being a trained lecturer, she has the skills to provide adequate training for Boards of Trustees and management. She can also provide for team training in order to improve meeting and cooperation skills.  

As a long-term business woman Ina is well versed in administrative issues. She can assist in most any administrative role and is happy to help out in periods of higher than normal workload or staff not being available.  

AHAVA  Services - Celebrancy Related

Speech and story writing
Over the years Ina has written many, many speeches for people, lending a hand in gathering the information, writing a draft, polishing it and then ’translate’ it into the person’s own language. It always succeeded and afterwards it made people, speaker and listeners, feel very good.

She also wrote some fairy tales to which special  family rituals were connected. Those stories gave deeper meaning to the event, creating a gesture that could be repeated at commemorative occasion in the future.

Group dynamics, most definitely family dynamics often don’t allow for people to ‘give in’.
As a neutral outsider Ina has proven her worth many a time. Even if Ina is not involved in a ceremony that you are planning, you can ask her to help bring conflicting parties together.

Short-term counselling

After a sombre diagnosis, after the loss of a child or parent, people need emotional support. Those around us tend to move on more quickly than we sometimes like: “Life goes on!”
Ina is not a trained therapist, but she has a down-to-earth approach to difficulties and has shown to be of great help to those who needed support for a while related to loss and mourning.

AHAVA  Services - Teaching

  Chances are that you will encounter periods where you have to lend
a hand to a parent, a partner, a friend who is going through
 a rough patch in their life. Short periods of illness or temporary disability
can be really worrying if one has to rely on the support of  others.
AHAVA has developed a short course that will provide you with
some basic, practical skills to help people and thus enable them
to stay in their own home.

  The course is NOT meant to turn you into a professional care giver
nor to replace professional care when this is needed.

  It has been designed to support people with short term challenges
as well as to help during the period between the start of dependency
 and being taken into a care facility.