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  AHAVA Celebrancy    For events of beginnings and welcome, connections and joining, separation and letting go.

  It is a one-stop-one-woman business (based in Waimate, South Canterbury) to help you celebrate life, your way!

  Be it happy, be it sad or a mix of both, we all need to take a moment to feel what the important happenings do with us.
  Usually celebrations share a mix of smiles and tears : smiles of happiness or melancholic memories; tears of joy or sadness.

  Here AHAVA is a valuable helping hand with a professional and affordable service. A helping hand to create your personal ritual, help you find your own   form to shape that ceremony that will mark those life’s event.

  No need to reinvent the wheel: traditional words and gestures can be ‘re-invented’ for today. But these same words and gestures can also be upheld to honour   traditions which you hold dear.

  We usually like to have those we cherish near to us when something important happens in our life. Both happiness and sadness can strengthen the bond, thus   creating building blocks for a shared history. Shared history creates communities, a whānau; it creates a safety net for times when things don’t go as we’d like.

Seek out the good in the bad, the happy in your sad, the gain in your pain,   what makes you grateful, not hateful.
Karen Salmansohn

Sad Celebrations

Memorial Service,

From these, the funeral is the one that is unavoidable; the others are a choice.
All three share that memories take centre stage. Although divorce has no happy connotations, celebrating in a contemplative way how to deal with former partners and more importantly, how the responsibility for children will be shared and cherished can be very helpful in dealing with this form of severe loss.

Mixed Emotions

Leaving home,

Being on crossroads in life always brings mixed feelings. Looking forward to a new challenge, while at the same time feeling sad of having to let go of what is trusted and comfortable.

A celebration will mark an important moment and bring an opportunity to thank all who helped you get to where you are and support you to grow.

Happy Celebrations

Renewal of Vows,
Births & Name Giving,
Coming of Age,
Special Birthdays

These are some of the happy occasions one can think of to joyfully celebrate; some are purely secular, others can have a religious dimension.

”Saying I love you means part of me is living within you.”
                                                                 Frank Fontein