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Financial consequences
What is this going to cost me?

  Personal services are hard to price and prices are   difficult to compare: what do you get for your money?

  There is more involved than ‘just’ the fee or the hourly   rate. Trustworthiness, quality and empathy are hard to   quantify.

  Some services have a unit price, based on the expected   number of hours required, others are services that require   tailoring and are too individual to give a good enough
  general estimate.

  Ahava is not registered for GST, so the price you see   is what you pay.

  For quick information about the cost of celebrations and services,   feel free to click the link to that page but don’t skip reading more   about what AHAVA has to offer!    


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The AHAVA approach
How does Ina work?

Respect and  integrity will be the framework of an open and dynamic working relationship.

Respect for your identity, for your background - religious or not - and your needs. It will be all about you and your needs for that special celebration, for the job you want to entrust AHAVA with.

Integrity will show in an open mind and no discrimination against race, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity or wealth. Ina won’t do anything that goes against her values and integrity and she will be clear about this.

Ina will be your ‘neutral outsider on the inside’ available to talk with you about the pros and cons of the choices you want to make, to make sure to cover all bases before you commit; Ina will try to read between the lines and hear between the words.

Ina feels as responsible for a good outcome as you are; she will try her utmost to avoid regrets afterwards!
Together with you she wants to get it right, for you and those near and dear to you.

Who is Ina de Paauw-Fontein?

  Ina is of Dutch origin, born in 1953 in   Amsterdam. She is a permanent resident of   New Zealand since 2010, a citizen since 2018,
  after having married her high-school
  sweetheart whom she re-met in 2006 after 33
  years.… She  knows all about Celebrating life!

  Ina’s professional education:

  Ina is a very good organiser and organised
  and lead many events and parties, both for
  the organisations she was a (board) member
  of as well as for her friends and family.
  She is an experienced MC and public speaker.

  And so far in NZ?

  Ina worked as a Minute Secretary for Boards   of Trustees and established AHAVA in 2011.
  Ina worked for a Kura Kaupapa Māori for a   year as a consultant and administrative   supporter for the Tumuaki and Te Poari.

  Since in Waimate, Ina worked as a personal   in-home care giver and is a part-time teachers’
  assistant at a high school in Oamaru.

  Ina speaks multiple languages, sings and
  believes in a democratic, multi-cultural and   multi-religious society.